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ENTRY DURING 2019.6.24 - 2019.8.31
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Recruiting Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearers who challenge themselves for their community

2019.6.24 MON ▶ 8.31 SAT

*This is a depiction of Olympic flame only
for creative purposes only.


All across Japan,
there are people who challenge themselves
to make their community a better place.
A brighter future awaits
if there are more people who do the same.
Every challenge is a force that moves the future.
That’s why Toyota wants to help
make that first step forward.
Let’s start moving forward, together.

Recruiting “Local Challengers” for
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearers

[Recruiting Period]
Self-nomination entry: June 24, 2019 (Mon.) - August 31, 2019 (Sat.)
Nomination entry: June 24, 2019 (Mon.) - August 9, 2019 (Fri.)

Are you challenging yourself in various ways for your community or people around you?
Are you thinking about taking on these challenges?
We are recruiting challengers like you to be a Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torchbearer.
Toyota supports and encourages your actions and mindset to make your community a better place for a brighter future.

Example Local Challengers

Applications are open to anyone who is taking on or is going to be taking on
challenges for their community.


Protecting our
local sake

My dream is to make our prefecture, which brought life to Something Sake, which is made by Anytown Sake Brewery, where I work as the chief brewer. Our sake has a characteristic flavor, which we think is made possible through the water, rice, and people from this area. 3 years ago, we started working together with local restaurants and rice farms that work hard to keep traditional flavors on the table to host an event called “Something Sake and Dishes from Any State” in order for us to be able to share the history and the effort we put into making this sake. My life challenge is to make visitors from the city and even tourists from abroad wish to visit our town again, and to make our town full of delicious restaurants.


Earning a star
with local

I was born and raised in this village. I used to work in the city, but having been raised by the vast nature here, I thought it was my duty to come back here and give back to the community through cooking, which I’ve always liked. This year, I started a diner where I use local ingredients to cook meals. Honestly, there are a lot of things that are difficult to do, but something a local farmer said to me keeps me going. He told me, “This diner lets me see the faces of people who smile by eating what I make, which makes me happy to be producing my vegetables.” This made me think that I want to create a place where local producers can feel pride in their work, so I make sure that the menus reflect their efforts. My dream is to get a star at this diner so that people from all over will visit, and fill our town with happy locals.


Bringing innovation
from my hometown!

The prefecture where I was born and raised is known for the intricate bamboo sieves used in sushi and soba restaurants, but its value is relatively unknown. I studied design an art school in Tokyo and worked at a design firm, but thinking that maybe my designs could help spread the word about our bamboo sieves, I came back home this year. I’m building a team and calling old friends back together!
The sieves are designed in a way that would be easy to use at home, and we are planning on launching our online shop next year. My goal is to get more people and companies involved in a few years, and to create innovation from my hometown!


Keeping our town

I am a crossing guard who works to protect children that attend Anytown Elementary School in Anytown I rarely went out because of a back problem, but 6 years ago, when my grandchild started elementary school, I decided to start a new challenge of my own. After doing this for 6 years, I came to realize that the sound of the children’s playful voices is a treasure for Anytown, which has had a decline in number of children. My grandchild, who was in first grade when I started, will be graduating soon, but as long as I have the strength, I would like to continue working as a crossing guard – maybe even until my grandchild’s child starts elementary school so that Anytown will always be a city filled with the sound of children playing.


Showing the
sweetness of our
town to the world!


Making our
local ocean

Nominate Yourself

Tell us about your challenge for your community.

How to apply
Nominate Yourself

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Tell us about “a local challenger” around you.

How to apply
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